Will to…

Heyal sorry I haven’t posted in a while, stuffs been going on and work has been a butt load! But hey thats what were gonna talk about today! Work. Yes the mood has suddenly shifted. The word work. Anyways, work has been very tiring as a 15 year old high schooler so I can’t imaging what it is for a college student, or working a job. Now we always get those fellow classmates, “why do we have to have homework?” “Can we not have homework?”. As much as I agree with them homework is a necessity; if we didnt do homework im pretty sure we’d forget everything we learned, faster than we do now. So thinking it all through you do homework, you practice the concepts, do good on the tests, fet the grades, you get into a good college, get a job, get money, feed your family. This is what I think it all leads up to, feeding your family, say even for a 15 year old. I’m not saying I’ve got a kid, but I do want to provide for my future son or daughter so I got to do good now and set the example. Though somedays you just loose that inititive. Which I did today and starting to…because im sure like mostly everyone would rather do something else, other than work, school, homework, or studying. Which is why I assume the way the french revolution “school system” was nice. There was no school, so it allowed for students to focus on the one subject or skill they loved the most, thus creating the best of the best at what they do. Though my teacher brought up a good point, this also allows slackers to just daze off and do nothing, as well we could become to specialized at one thing we cannot do another or simple task. Though I think this allows for all of the best the work the best and improve the society overall. Just my opinion.



Back in ye ol’ days being fat was good, showing wealth because you could afford and eat so much. Now it seems to be a undesirable. True, I agree, me being fat displeases me when I know I could be packing 6 dinner rolls on my stomach area rather than a blob. Though my friends don’t judge me for being this way so it gives me no incentive to get thinner. I can say this all I want, but when a beutiful girl walks by, I cant help but suck in my stomach a little then saying to myself,  “Why suck?! Become actually ripped, dude!” Then loose that motivation later because im with my friends, and im hungry! Im kinda just blabbering about here, but I guess what im trying to say to yal is….gee what am I trying to say. Um…….being fat is alright, but its up to you if you want to be thinner. Hmmm yeah I guess thats a good moral? Well actually not really. Ok um…ohhh um I think movies and shows have made us to believe skinny and thin is what everyone wants, when in the past curvy was more desirable. So yeah, go ahead and give me yals opinion in the comments. Cheers! :3

Who is John Tran?

Well, this is new to me…writing and telling people whats on my mind to random people I might not even know. But hey, since your reading why not you get to know the guy who thoughts intrigued you, and pushed you to keep on reading. Or maybe not…and you just wanna stalk and find information about me, thats cool too. Sorta. Ladies out there doing that, my number is 911, feel free to call anytime. ANY.
My full name is Johnathan Tiger Tran. No im not kidding, and no im not gonna show you my birth certificate. I was born on February 4th, 1998. You know…the times when “artists” made good music? I’m asian but I am really dark…well I like to say rice field brown, but you know…my white friends just say im black. On that note, theirs a diffrence between cooked and burnt! The sun has cooked me to medium rare, not crisp! As I was saying, im attending Fountain Valley High (but I like to call Chocolate Fountain) and ive participated in Track, Cross-country, swim, football, and tennis. Sadly im not able to do sports anymore because of an injury I recieved during Memorial weekend, and well my schedule as well. So now I take it easy with P.E. (though get called a try hard a lot…sorry yal don’t put in any effort.) My favorite colors are blue and green. Though sadly im blue/purple and a bit green/red color blind….huh. I think Socrates is a great philosopher because its a simple one that can be applied to nearly and mostly everything. (We could have a disscussion about that later :3 ) Lastly, its my dream to become an actor and be in movies…something I strive for and why im taking a theatre class. Though sadly things have been rough lately, as well everything seems to be against me becoming an actor…so hey I’ve also considered becoming a teacher. I suppose thats all you really need to know about me so…I guess ill see whos ever interested on my next post. See yal then 🙂